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Event Information for ARENA Competitors and Coaches

Upcoming Event 

FILMING: 2.17.24

864 Town Center Dr. Langhorne, PA 19047
MPR Endurance MMA -  Langhorne, PA


Can I bring guests?

No. One coach is permitted per competitor and is not interchangeable with a standard guest. Bringing non-coach guests not registered prior to event will be grounds for potential roster removal. 


Gym amenities 

Please keep all personal belongings in locker rooms or with you to avoid cluttering the main gym area. 


Drop-Out Policy

Drop outs without a documented medical excuse will be grounds for potential roster removal or temporary suspensions from competing in any of our cards. Any drop-outs in the 72 hours leading up tot he event will be grounds for roster removal. 



Day of weigh-ins is and day before video weigh ins both an option. Videos must be sent between 6-9pm the day prior showing a device displaying the date and time and zeroing out the scale in the video to be accepted. @arenagrappling on IG or



All matches are Nogi.


✅Rash guards, fight shorts and/or spats. Braces are permitted. Mouth guard highly advised. No shirt is permitted.

🟥No loose shirts, pocketed or zippered shorts, jewelry, hats, headgears, shoes, or singlets. 


Late Arrivals

Arriving after the designated hour check in window dominoes into the entire day. We ask you to be on time to allow proper time for pre match interviews, weigh ins happening day of, and starting the matches on time for everyone in attendance. Please plan you day and traveling according to the check in window time posted. 


Can I film my match? Post?

No. Photos and video of the day are permitted just not the actual match itself. No posting the results until match is made public. 4k video files of your match will be available for purchase shortly after filming day. 



Free lot and street parking near the location. Be mindful of parking restrictions in the area. 



Learn more about our exclusive Endurance Format ruleset on our Rules page

Please be mindful that filming day and release day are separate from one another. 

Competitors will give a brief into interview before the event begins. 

Any dropouts without a documented medical excuse will be considered for roster removal. 

Must be checked in by the stated deadline or marked for late arrival when considering for future events. 

No extra guests apart from your coach. Not interchangeable with an unaffiliated guest (spouse, kids, etc.)


Use of a mouthguard is HIGHLY encouraged for your match. 


Hold back use of profanity on camera. 


Use post-match cage interview to expand your brand as a competitor in Arena.  

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