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Endurance Format details: 

In our exclusive format, the only way to earn a point is via submission and in this rule set its possible to earn more than one per match. Two or more taps from your opponent against the mat, you, or a verbal indication to the referee will count as an earned point. All submissions are legal, however leg and ankle locks may only be used as the winning or "game" point. What that means is that if you for example already have earned your first submission via RNC or something similar, you then would win if you earned one more submission which then enables the use of that leg or ankle attack submission. If there is a tie or no submission in the traditional 3 rounds, an unlimited overtime round takes place in which leg and ankle attacks are already allowed by default since the winning submission is the first one earned in overtime. 

Slams are permitted but the competitor may be penalized for directly slamming opponent on the back of the head. Penalties include reseting the match with opponent in advantaged position. 

Attire is NOGI. Compression shirts/pants and/or fight shorts. No loose shirts, pockets, socks, shoes, gloves, hats, jewelry, clothing with profanity, , jeans, or anything that is not specifically designed for competition is permitted. 

All official calls and decisions are from the official overseeing the match. 

We ask that you be respectful of your opponent, fellow competitors, fans, and event staff.