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Competitor Info Page

Updates for competitors regarding upcoming filming days for ARENA Grappling events. Welcome to ARENA!

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Filming day is March 12th 2023 with the videos being RELEASED March 17th on YouTube. 


All events are hosted at our HQ at Droogs MMA in Pottstown, PA. (2017 New Schuylkill Rd, Pottstown, PA 19465)


We offer video day before weigh-ins submitted from 6-9pm as well as in person day of. 

Event Schedule

Doors open: 3:00pm

Check in window: 3:00-4:00pm

Rules Meeting: 4:15pm

Event Begins: 4:30pm 

Estimated Wrap: 9:00pm

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Post-Match Interview

Following your match win, a brief post match interview will be conducted with you by the commentary table asking for thoughts on your match as well as the ARENA Endurance Format. 




Can I Bring Guests?

As of now, ARENA events are for competitors and their one coach ONLY. This allows us to focus entirely on what is most important, the card. Coaches are NOT permitted to record your match and must be a coach. This spot is NOT interchangeable with a guest unaffiliated with the sport.


Can I post about my match?

Yes. We only request that the match RESULT be kept confidential until its official release on YouTube and/or in order to maintain the anticipation of watching the match. 


Do I Need To Stay The Whole Event?

While not required, the event cash bonuses will be announced after the main event of the card. We also appreciate those who stay to support the other competitors and help add to the video. 

Where Are The Events?


1730 New Schuylkill Rd.

Pottstown, PA 19465




On Site Parking Available

Overflow: Razor Sharp Lot 

Gear/Attire Rules

While some ARENA events have gear sponsors, most do not. 

Those events that do NOT have a gear sponsor or a partial gear sponsor will have to abide by our rules: 

What is permitted: Rash guards (short and long sleeve), fight shorts (pocketless) and/or spats, no shirt, knee braces. 

What is NOT permitted: Headgears, singlets, non-fight shorts, loose non rash guard shirts, jewelry, wrestling shoes, socks, profane language on gear. 


Coaching Policy 

-Competitors are permitted ONE coach that is pre-registered PRIOR to the filming day on (Up to 48 hours prior to event) 

-Your coach is NOT interchangeable with a traditional guest. They must be affiliated with your gym or team. Even if another competitor has already registered your same coach, you are NOT permitted to bring a guest in your slot.  Any violations of this policy will be considered for roster removal. ​

-Coaches are expected to behave professionally and only provide constructive help to the competitor. No "cheerleading" or profanity.

-Team members are NOT permitted to coach from the sidelines. 

-During the 30 second round breaks, coaches can open their cage door to hand the competitor water and provide feedback. Doors must be closed BEFORE the new round begins. 


Most competitors opt for our day before weigh-in option. This is a video sent to or to our IG @arenagrappling or our matchmaker IG @aj_jitsu between 6-9pm the day before the match is scheduled. 

You video must show a device that displays the date and time somewhere in the video. We have a maximum 1lb allowance. ​


If the deadline is missed, the competitor may weigh in the day of at the gym during the check in window that is scheduled. 

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