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Coach Registration

Coaches must register up to 48 hours prior to event. 


Thank you for registering. See you at the event!

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Coaching Policy 

-Competitors are permitted ONE coach that is pre-registered PRIOR to the filming day on (Up to 48 hours prior to event) 

-Your coach is NOT interchangeable with a traditional guest. They must be affiliated with your gym or team. Even if another competitor has already registered your same coach, you are NOT permitted to bring a guest in your slot.  Any violations of this policy will be considered for roster removal. ​

-Coaches are expected to behave professionally and only provide constructive help to the competitor. No "cheerleading" or profanity.

-Team members are NOT permitted to coach from the sidelines. 

-During the 30 second round breaks, coaches can open their cage door to hand the competitor water and provide feedback. Doors must be closed BEFORE the new round begins. 

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